We produce podcasts and consult on radio production in emerging democracies around the world – from Iraq to Tajikistan. News podcasts. Political podcasts. Fiction podcasts. We make them all.

Data, Ethics and Trust

Data, Ethics and Trust explores the complex moral and ethical issues surrounding the connected society: misinformation, disinformation, data manipulation, exploitation, and privacy. Created for Corsham Institute, Data, Ethics and Trust presents the world’s leading thinkers on the subject. With more than 20,000 listeners per episode, Data, Ethics and Trust recently topped 300,000 downloads,

Tales of The Lobster Boy

Our headline fiction podcast, Tales of The Lobster Boy is a co-production with BifröstMedia. Based on the series of thriller novels by Dr Charles Kriel, Lobster Boy reaches an audience of more than 75,000 listeners per episode.